Welcome to Earth Neighbours!

This site is the functional arm of the Earth Neighbours initiative. If you wish to know more about what Earth Neighbours is about then see the about page.

This subdomain is still in ‘development’, in order to research and understand better what is the best way to facilitate the process of connecting earth caring people back to the land and to help create sustainable rural communities and economies that can work in harmony with the earth.

This web site has several functions:

  1. To connect people to land around existing self reliancy projects.
  2. To connect existing self reliancy projects (people) with people.
  3. To make available and online, areas of land that could become potential sustainable and regenerative ‘earth’ neighbourhoods.

It does this by:

  1. Providing support / facilitation to existing project owners. Helping them find owners of surrounding land, communicating with them, negotiating, understanding (the land, boundaries etc), helping in the facilitation of legal / beaurocratic processes.
  2. Allows the listing of available pieces of land around existing projects to be posted on the site under the associated ‘nucleus project’ (existing project) with the aim to attract like minded people.
  3. Posting descriptions and stories of people, families and groups who are looking to connect with existing communities.

Feel free to journey through the web site to find out more.