Crowd Funding Proposal

I need help.

I can’t do this on my own.

I’ve realised that what I really want Earth Neighbours to be is a social platform, and a social enterprise. I would like it so that anyone who who get’s involved with Earth Neighbours can then benefit from it. So in a sense, make it so that it can create some kind of economy, especially for those who are not in a financial position to purchase land. This is largely a younger population, many indigenous to Portugal. Largely those who have been born into an age of debt and are not able to find the means, within Portugal, at least, to procure the funds necessary to obtain land. So I want Earth Neighbours to be about helping to facilitate this whole venture, for young and old, for indigenous or foreigner. My wish is to help create a new community based on the ethics of Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share.

One way I see that Earth Neighbours can help is to provide facilitation to land. i.e making more land ‘available’ by means of ‘land sleuthing’. This is what I call what I’m currently doing right now to earn some living. This involves, locating pieces of land that are abandoned, finding the owners of those pieces of land by usually asking around the local villages and following leads¬†etc, finding out if they’re available at a reasonable price, potentially negotiating with the locals and agreeing on a price and then making it available online to people who get in contact via the Earth Neighbours web site or other means such as web sites that promote sustainable living. I’m also providing an added service of helping the buyer through the exchange. Such things as connecting them to the right legal people should they want it, getting topographical maps drawn up, buidling permissions etc. You can see more on that here.

With respects to advertising on web sites that promote sustainable living, so far we only know of Pure Portugal. We advertise some properties on there but pieces of land that we find that are within the proximity of what I’d consider a ‘Neighbourhood’ I don’t advertise on there just because the idea would be unfamiliar to those coming into the site, and it would be of utmost importance and understood with great clarity what this idea is about. I still haven’t come to a resolve as to how to play that one on whether to advertise on a ‘real estate’ web site, but for the moment I’m doing this also to test the waters and earn some desperately needed income¬†via commissions or finders fees. I guess some could see this as being an agent, but I like to consider myself a sleuth and social hustler. It’s all just a mask anyway. I’m a chameleon, just here to serve the cause, while keeping myself alive and fruity. What I believe to hold true though is that what I’m doing is a good thing. I’m connecting people directly to the owners of lands, not middle men or hustlers of the other sort. My niche in this community is the role connector and custodian of this bridge, my land.