Distrito / Concelho: Setúbal, Palmela

Year project started?: 2010

– Open to sharing land.


Biovilla, is a multi-stakeholder cooperative founded in February 2010 by a group of five young entrepreneurs with the aim of materialising an ambitious project of Sustainability entrepreneurship in Portugal.

Be a reference of sustainability in Portugal by 2016

“Bringing Sustainability to the day-to-day life of People”

The Biovilla operates and carries out its mission through three pillars of action and three Ethical principles:

  1. Feeding
    Production, distribution and marketing of organic products, fair trade and local production;
  2. Learning
    Creation of training sessions in the area of sustainability with the aim to provide a reference for training in the area of sustainability;
  3. Accommodation
    Nature tourism combined with information from visitors in the area of bio construction / efficiency energy resources that also aims to integrate local communities and creating of social work positions.

– People Care
– Earth Care
– Fair Share

At present the cooperative has 10 active cooperative members as well as several over 8.000 direct and indirect participants who through their multidisciplinary and diversity bring innovation and creativity to the process of co-creation, which is based on the model of shared management and transparency that guides the cooperative’s vision.

The Cooperative has its headquarters in Lisbon but the project Biovilla is on 55 hectares of land in the Arrábida Natural Park (now candidate to UNESCOs world heritage for its natural beauty and biodiversity), specifically in Barrels Valley, near Palmela.

We find the idea presented on the Earth Neighbours web site very interesting and has only really got us to begin thinking about this idea of sharing land in this way. We have yet to determine how we would like to share the land or how we can facilitate opportunities for potential neighbours. We welcome ideas, suggestions and enquiry.

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