Cherry Pond Quinta

Distrito / Concelho: Guarda, Gouveia

Year project started: 2013

– Available land around this project.


We are a family farm and permaculture project up on the western slopes of the Serra da Estrela mountain range in Central Portugal. We are Sara and Emil, (Italy/Sweden) + Wally and Iza, (Gibraltar/Portugal) in our mid twenties to mid thirties. Sara and Emil bought the farm in December 2012 and moved there a month later after transforming an existing stable into a small but comfortable home. Since then we’ve been busy planting trees, got some animals, had a baby (Emma, who’s now 2), started renovating the main house – simply enjoying the good life! We’re very excited and proud of the naturally evolving community that’s growing around us. Multi cultural and multi faceted. We came to Portugal thinking we’d living alone somewhere in a foreign country – then we spent 6 months in an eco-village and learnt how valuable it is with good neighbours –  and now we’ve end up with more friends and family than in our previous lives! The social life here is very active and there’s a lot of talk and a few meetings already happened about how we can work together – with home schooling, starting an association, permaculture group etc. etc. At the same time everyone is very busy on their own farms, renovating houses and getting started ther own projects. There’s still a lot of nice farms and houses in the area and if it keeps on growing like it has the last few years this area will become a truly magical place.

Permaculture is our biggest inspiration and it saturates everything we do here. We don’t just want to live a sustainable life but we believe in going beyond sustainability towards abundance!

We’d like to be an example and inspiration to other people – we want to LEARN and demonstrate eco-construction, gardening, farming, animal care, alternative energy, woodland management, water management etc. etc. The list is long and we are COMPLETE beginners in everything we’ve taken on here – learning as we go and a lot by the “trial and error” -method!

It’s time to heal the planet – and ourselves. It is time to BE the change!For more pictures and info please check out our page at:– we’re always happy to help people looking for land, open for visits and we can show you a bit of what’s still available around here or introduce you to those who know more.

Hope you come and join us on this great adventure into the only possible future!

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