Earth You

District / Concelho: Beja, Odemira

Year project started: 2016

Potential Opportunity:
– Open to sharing land.

Description of Project:

The registered association “Associação Aldeia Ecológica EarthYou”, offers its members and partners the opportunity to create a new future together which is worth living, and to steer life back into the cycles of nature within this ecological project!

The highest goal is to develop a self-sustaining community, which strives to produce all consumer goods with ecologically sustainable methods, through own work or regional exchange. Self-sufficiency with vegetables and
fruits is a key-part in this matter.

Each resident can build his own house within the community, a healthy space for a free development and self-fulfillment. These houses will be built of biodegradable resources, without harming nature and the whole infrastructure will be brought in a natural cycle.

We intend to establish a community in which all generations live together. Every resident, regardless of age, has a place here and provides a contribution within their expertise. Social tasks like child- and elderly care shall be taken in our own hands and integrated into all daily activities. The community work will be organized in a self-determined way and divided through the residents based on competences and interests.

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