Espaço de Vida

Distrito / Concelho: Open

Year Project Started: Not yet started

Share Opportunity:
Abandoned / available land around this project.
     Open to sharing the land.
Description of the Project:
Ecovillage in Portugal named ‘Espaço de Vida.’ This means: ‘Life Space’ in Portuguese.
Espaço de Vida is an international social artistic initiative arising from the wish to heal man and earth on different layers. This village will be located on a 500 HA estate in Portugal. We look for land in the Alentejo or near the Serra Estrella. Here, idealistic plans will reduce desertification. The village community is based on 3 pillars which are founded in a practical philosophy, which are:

1 Schooling to unconditional love from inner freedom.
2 Environment and user-friendly energy generation and fair trade energy.
3 Organic design.

Each pillar is supported by the other pillar.

These 3 pillars carry 5 areas:

1. Art (eurythmy, sculpture, painting, grammar, music, astrophysics/astronomy, projective geometry and more.)
2. Craft (wood workshop, smithy, weaving, bakery and more)
3. Care (Elderly care, healthcare, chiropractic, massage, eurythmy therapy, bath therapy, herbal doctor, consciously connecting with nature and more.)
4. Education and Science (school for moral technology and free energy, the school for young and older children and a study centre for new forms of natural sciences and cultural innovation)
5. Agriculture (biodynamic farming in combination with permaculture. A large edible landscape park.)

Who is welcome?

– Everyone who is enthusiastic about the objectives mentioned here.
– Anyone who feels that we have to take care of the Earth in a completely different way, more linked with feelings like love and inner freedom.
– Anyone who wants to act different, apart from the “conventional” Western system.
– Anyone with practical knowledge on agriculture who wants to make Portugal greener and life worthy again.
– Anyone who has skills to provide services in these areas: art therapy, massage therapy, art and crafts.
– Anyone who wants, in general, to help nature working as a volunteer, biodynamic farmer or permaculture specialist.
– Anyone who works in a social area as a nurse or educator.

Who will receive health cares from Espaço de Vida?

– People who need health recovery in a natural environment.
– Young people who are depressed and against the system.
– People with a psychosocial need.
– People with radiation diseases, or very sensitive to them.
– People with breathing problems in particular due to small particles in the air and chemical pollution.
– People mentally challenged.
– People who need another kind of health care who can benefit from this space as a healing biotope.

What about the initiators?

‘Espaço de Vida’ is a project initiated by people with social impulse and artistic ideals. They strive for a healthy balance between thinkers and doers with the focus on “Do what you think and think about what you do now”.
The initiators are convinced that there is no time to lose on things who are not really urgent and that take mankind further from its real goal, like cutting rainforest, computer games, self-driving cars, building a ladder to the moon, making war, robots, oil drilling, oil fracking, many nuclear power factories to keep Google and bitcoins running. All at the expense of all being’s life. The initiators put a lot of good thoughts into this project and they think that it is the right moment to realize it now, in a time of misbalance.

What about the organization?

There will be :

– a health centre with care facilities,
– a therapy centre and spa, A biodynamic land and horticulture with permaculture,
– an educational water house
– workshops for nature-friendly moral techniques such as old crafts,
– a centre for cultural innovation,
– a community house,
– guest accommodation for volunteers within the
– village, homes and shops.
– All this will be within a large, partly edible landscape park with organic art.
– We will start with a small project with Eldercare.
– All employees within our organization are still volunteers just like us.

Currently, we are looking for:

a. a 2nd coordinator
c. 1 financial expert
d. 1 administrator,
e. 2 to 3 caregivers.
f. 1 nurse.
g. 3 permanent volunteers.

further information you find on the website.



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