Jardim da Estrela

District / Concelho: Guarda, Gouveia

Year Project Started: 2013

Potential Opportunity:
– Available land around this project.
– Open to sharing land?

Desription of Project:

We are a couple living in our little Shire, a woodland nestled in the hills of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park. This is quite a magical place that has been abandoned for decades and that we are now restoring to an abundant and self-sustaining food forest, using permaculture principles and a lot of Love! We are creating this to help this land heal as well as for people to come and heal, become empowered and live their life again fully from the heart. We work with many indigenous ways of healing & with medicinal plants, learning all about them & making tinctures, flower essences and other remedies and are planting many many more, for ourselves and the bees.

Our vision is one of a strong independent community in this area, where people help each other, co-create a different way of living that is in harmony with Mother Nature and themselves. We believe that this has to start within ourselves too. To learn again what it truly means to be a community and what makes it a strong and resilient one. We are absolutely fascinated by and believe in the importance of ritual as an approach, drawing upon indigenous ways and cultures that were strong because they were in harmony within themselves, other beings, Mother Earth, connected to the rythms and continued to strengthen the community through ritual. We are slowly seeing the beginnings of this here with Women’s Red Tent circles and mantra groups, and are keen to increase the frequency and types of circles that are based on a meaningful, nurturing, self-transformational way of meeting and connecting to each other. We believe that this is what will make us strong as a community.

We are completely off-grid here – the sun (and soon the river) provides us with electricity, our delicious sweet tasting water comes straight from the mountains and our firewood, food and medicine increasingly from the forest. Although we are still far from being completely self-sufficient, this is our aim and inspiration for everything we do here.


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