Monte da Vida

District / Concelho: Beja, Odemira

Year Project Started: 2013

Potential Opportunity:
– Available land around this project.
РOpen to sharing land.

Desription of Project:

Monte da Vida is a meditation-orientated community and land regeneration project located on 34 hectares in south-west Alentejo. Our intention is to live in a way that leaves a positive legacy for future generations … a way that is deeply connected to the land, to each other, and the environment around us, whilst including the balanced use of technology and engagement with the wider world.

We are actively looking for a person / people to join us. In particular someone who has skills and passion related to regenerative forest work. We are currently setting up a social business that will market and sell products from the forest and its surrounds, so there is the potential to grow this business together.

There is also the possibility of other lands coming up for sale nearby, and we would love to have similar minded people who wish to care for the health and biodiversity of the oak forests, (or plant them where they are no longer there), so we can expand the area of land under regenerative management.

There are many interesting projects in the area and a growing connectivity between them (markets, events, holistic practitioners, vegan food etc). The large communities of Tamera and of Mooji Sangha are nearby.
We are also a shortish drive from the beautiful and wild Alentejo coast (50 minutes).

If this interests you check out our website to read more about us …

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