Quinta Da Serenidade

Distrito / Concelho: Orca, Fundao

Year Project Started: 2012

Share Opportunity:
Open to sharing land.

Desription of Project:

In 2012 I got myself a small quinta (approx 7900sqm) but I cannot manage it alone. (I have Fibromyalgia). I have been letting it to a lovely couple who have now found their own place, so I am looking for another person or couple who wish to rent and live off grid for a while, perhaps whilst they are getting to know Central Portugal in order to buy. I love the farm very much. It has been organic soil for well over 28 years, so I wish to keep it that way!

I would love to see it used for permaculture projects, education etc. I am open to ideas and discussion. The couple there now, are happy to show you around. They will be leaving around the end of August. The rent is very little as I am looking for people to take good care of it for me and maybe plant some trees etc

It has a re-constructed well, a stream, granite boulders, great views, 3 levels including class A land at the lower section with some fruit trees and a few olive trees. I had a small wooden house built which has solar and wind power, wood burner, furniture etc. A caravan with solar panel, a superb compost toilet and lots of useful bits & pieces, tools etc. There is an old gas cooker with gas bottle connection. A tiny fridge which runs on the solar power and water containers, one with tap for over-sink use.  It would be good to add a borehole and have running drinking water although not essential as nearby fountains are excellent. There is a lot of potential there! The tenants who are leaving grew foods and kept livestock there which is fine by me if done with care and common sense.

10 mins walk to friendly village with restaurant, shops, cafes & post office. 20 mins drive to Fundao with excellent weekly market plus everything else you may need. Some lovely like-minded families and couples with their individual farms nearby; French, English, Dutch & Portuguese 🙂

It gets very warm there in summer, I should say “Hot” actually and winters vary, but the micro-climate there makes it quite a bit warmer and dryer than Alpedrinha only 20 minutes away. We had about 4 frosts in winter when I was there which of course disappeared as soon as the sun was up.

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