Quinta das Moitas

Distrito / Concelho: Guarda, Fornos de Algodres

Year project started: 2011

Potential Opportunity:
– Available land around this project.
– Open to sharing land.


Hi My name is Millo. I’m from Australia. I bought this abandoned farm and have recreated it into a Permaculture Regeneration Project. I’m located in the Serra da Estrela region of Central Portugal. It’s on my farm that I had the idea of the Earth Neighbours project (Read more on that here). I’d like to see more people around, helping to protect and regenerate land.

The intention here is to not only allocate semi permanent locations to incumbent custodians, but also create a neighbourhood of adjoining permaculture projects and, in time, grow this into an incumbent reforestation ‘community’ that can act in collaboratively regenerating and protecting the greater area, as well as spreading more awareness with regard to sustainable farming and forestry practices.

There is vacant land here (some with buildings and water) for serious permaculture hearts ready to take on the challenge. I’ve located most of the owners of the land surrounding me and now it’s a question of just finding the right people for them. People with a serious interest in restoring land together as a collaborative and designing a neighbourhood that can not only protect against current environmental threats (such as fire, hunting, eucalyptus plantations, etc) but also into a new (re)generation. I wish to help restore water, life and conservation rights to the land throughout this whole area.

I’ve also very recently been inspired by the idea of Ecosystem Restoration Camps as proposed by John D. Liu. I’ve posted a page on the web site to give some more info on this …

Web: http://quintadasmoitas.com


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