Quinta do Alecrim

Distrito / Concelho: Santarém, Torres Novas, Alcorochel

Year project started?: 2012

– Abandoned land around project


We moved to this small holding one year ago, in 2012. We are now gradually revitalizing it. We are developing beekeeping as our main profit and gradually we are improving our edible garden to a market garden. As soon as possible we wish to start a food forest.

Alcorochel is a small rural village 15 km of Torres Novas and 100 Km from Lisbon. It is 15min by car from the train station. There are 800 inhabitants and we are the only Permaculture project around so far. Basically there are 3 types of land available around here: (1) vacant agricultural land – where is not possible to construct. (2) Land with ruins where is possible to refurbish it to live and (3) there are also possibilities within the village.

Take a look at our website to feel the atmosphere around here. www.aquintadoalecrim.com


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