Quinta Linda

District / Concelho: Viseu, Vouzela

Year Project Started: 2009

Potential Opportunity:
– Abandoned / available land around this project.

Desription of Project:

Based in a remote and peaceful old farm, located in the Serra do Caramulo mountain range – 50km from the Atlantic coast.

The farm is totally off-grid, energy is provided by solar and micro-hydro generation ( from a small stream that borders the land ), we are gradually working towards being more self-sustainable and producing more of our food and others resources as locally as possible.

The land is open and spacious, with areas given over to living, farming, grazing, herbs, flowers and woodland – the valley below gives open views to the peaks of Portugal’s highest mountains – The Serra da Estrela.

Spring is an amazing display of colour and life – starting with the mimosas in February all the way into summer – flowers, birds and life in general celebrate the return of the heat from the suns rays.

The aim is always to create durable, attractive, useful additions to this amazing space – built were possible with local and natural materials – simply moving them from other locations on the land to use.

The neighbours are frequent visitors, bringing on their goats to graze – they are always on hand to offer advice and to place objects or concepts into context – they are connected to this land in a deep, yet simple way – they embody all that is good and positive about Portugal.

The area has very few foreigners, and the locals generally only speak Portuguese – lack of language skills in no ways blocks communication – but a basic spoken level can be of help in certain situations.


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