Rainbow Lodge

Distrito / Concelho: Guarda, Celorico da Beira

Year project started: 2016

– Open to sharing land.


Rainbow Lodge is a Holistic Nature Reserve in Central Portugal. Situated in the foothills of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park, surrounded by the stunning mountains. We became the Guardians in 2016.

Our intention is to create a space where people can visit and spend time in nature to experience living off grid. We have extensive knowledge about living in Portugal, that we can share with people looking for land.

We offer a variety of accommodation to rent from yurts, tipi’s and caravans. Or you can contact us about pitching your own tent or vehicle on site.

We are completely off grid. Our water comes from a fresh water spring, which also feeds into the dam and natural pool. The electricity on the property is created with solar and wind power.

Andrea is an Energy Medicine therapist and offers one to one therapies and workshops at Rainbow Lodge.

Daniel is a carpenter with experience of renovating the stone ruins, typical of Central Portugal.

We are looking for people who are interested in living in community, to develop the nature reserve. Ideally these people will be spiritually aware and want to explore living more consciously with Mother Earth.

Web: http://www.ishtar-rathsi.com/serra-da-estrela-nature-reserve/


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