Support & Facilitation

This is where we address the practical and realistic steps involved in terms of helping to facilitate the growth (or regrowth) of rural community cells. So what does that mean for existing projects and what does that mean for people looking to connect to community? The aims of the services provided below are to help facilitate this process both for existing projects and for people looking for land in Portugal.

For existing projects:

  • Have you registered your project? If not, you can do so here. If you have doubts, reservations or questions about registering and what this means then please get in touch via the contact form and we’ll do what we can to help so that you can make an informed decision.
  • If you have registered your project on Earth Neighbours then what is on offer here are support and facilitation services that can help with respect to making neighbouring land available to the online community. This includes the following:
    1. Contacting owners of land.
      If no owners have been identified then helping to identify, locate and make contact with land owners. Translating and interpreting as an intermediary to negotiate some kind of exchange agreement. If there is no registered land owner or owner cannot be found then working out legal ways of land procurement.
    2. Understanding boundaries.
      This usually involves working with locals (usually old shepherds who know the land) to identify the boundaries of terrains.
    3. Making the land available online.
      Taking photos of the land, providing a description and publishing the announcement under your project.
    4. Legals.
      Helping potential new custodians through with any legal and beaurocratic processes.
    5. Funding
      Funding service to help inspired folk with good ideas (yet insufficient funds) to connect with others that can help them with funding.

For people looking for land:

  • Earth Neighbours can provide a ‘land sleuthing’ service, to help you find land in an area close to neighbouring community and a place where you can potentially create your own neighbourhood.
  • Earth Neighbours can help you make contact with other people of like mind also looking for land as well as what’s provided on this web site under existing projects and relevant land opportunities.

If you need help with any of these services then kindly get in touch via the contact form.